pH 6.0 pH controller

pH6.0 pH meter is a true multivariable analyzer used for measuring/controlling the pH with temperature and ORP (The function is switchable on the device itself). Depending on the measured variable, co

  • 型号: pH 6.0 pH controller

pH6.0 pH meter is a true multivariable analyzer used for measuring/controlling the pH with temperature and ORP (The function is switchable on the device itself). Depending on the measured variable, combination electrodes (e. g. pH sensors) or split versions (glass electrodes with a separate reference electrode) can be readily connected.

Truly unique is the pH meter in the Human Machine Interface. The high resolution digital display and LCD screen make the measurements are clearly legible and the keyboard operation make it easier for the user to configure the device. The instructions on screen assure that the best configuration for the application is obtained.

Universal application in water and waste water engineering, service/process water and drinking water and well/surface water, leakage monitoring in refrigeration plant.

Product description

The device is designed for use on site. A rugged housing protects the electronics and the electrical connections from corrosive environmental conditions . As an alternative, the device can also be installed in a control panel.


pH6.0 pH controller

1. Temperature:Compensation temperature

2. Analyst outputAnalyst output

3. Measured valueReal-time measurements value

4. High alarmHigh alarm

5. Low alarmLow alarm

6. ESCCheck related warning status on the monitoring page

Return to previous level page in the up& down level page linked to

menu page

7.MenuEnter the MENU on the monitoring page

Exit the MENU on the menu page


9.EnterEnter the sub-menu or confirm modification on the menu page

Technical Features



Measure Range: PH(0-14);ORP(-1000~+1000Mv

Resolution: PH: 0.01 ORP: 1Mv

Stability: PH:≤0.02PH/24H; ORP: 3Mv/24H

Accuracy: PH: ±0.02PH; ORP:±1Mv

Input impedance: 10^12

Temperature compensation: NTC 10K or PT1000 -10-130

Power Supply: AC220V±10%, 50Hz or DC 24V


Output Signal:


CommunicationRS485, MODBUS-RTU

Transmission signals4-20 mA

Process alarmHigh/Low process alarms, selected from pH, ORP+

Relay output: AC250V, 3A




Panel Front Size (mm) : 96(W) x 96(H) x Approx.112 (D)

Panel Cutout Size (mm): 92(W) x 92(H) x Approx.112 (D)

Converter weight : Approx. 1 kg

Display: LCD with back lights in English

Calibration: Semi-automatic 3 points calibration using pre-configured buffer tables

4,7& 10, or 4, 6.18& 9.18

Ambient temperature : -20 to +55ºC (-5 - 130 ºF).

Storage temperature : -30 to +70ºC (-20 - 160 ºF).

Humidity : 10 to 90% RH at 40ºC (100 ºF)

Instrument wiring


Wiring diagram


Identification of terminal

INPUT: Measuring terminal of the electrode

REF: Reference terminal of the electrode

A: Temperature compensation terminal A,NTC10K and PT1000 connect here

B: Temperature compensation terminal B,NTC10K and PT1000 connect here

C: Temperature compensation terminal C, PT1000 three-wire temperature

grounding, PT1000 two-wire need to be short-connected to TEMPB, not NTC10K.

NC: Unidentified

RS485 (A +): RS485 communication interface A +

RS485 (B -): RS485 communication interface B-

4-20mA (+): 4-20mA output end+

4-20mA (-): 4-20mA output end-

AC220V (L): AC220V Fire Wire

AC220V (N): AC220V zero line

HO: high alarm normally open relay

HC: high alarm normally closed relay

LO: low alarm normally open relay

LC: low alarm normally closed relay

COM: common

pH calibration


pH Calibration: Enter the PH calibration screen, the first PH electrode into the

4.00PH standard solution, standing for a moment, to be stable after the show, press

the 【ENT】, then the PH electrode into the 6.86PH standard solution Set the PH

electrode into the 9.18PH standard solution, put it aside for a moment, after the test

is stable, press 【ENT】, the display shows the success of the calibration, the whole

process of PH calibration completes.

pH Modification: The measured PH can be modified between 2 PH values.

ORP Calibration: enter the ORP calibration screen, the first ORP electrode into the

86mV standard solution, standing for a moment, to be shown after the stability,

press the【ENT】, then the ORP electrode into the 256mV standard solution, static Set

a moment, after the display is stable, press the【ENT】display calibration is successful,

ORP calibration process is over.

ORP Modification: The measured ORP can be modified between 300mV.

Temperature correction: You can correct the temperature of the automatic

temperature compensation, the correction range is ± 20.0 ℃.